“Hacking” Your Local Best Buy Store Codes

Best Buy NumbersEver notice the big weird yellow numbers on the wall when you walk into a Best Buy, one of the most nightmarish of electronics retailers? Cabel did, and he didn’t rest until he deciphered them. It turns out these coded numbers are for store employees, and what’s better than the secret communication that goes on for chain store workers? Ever crane your neck over the counter and see the instructional posters at McDonald’s teaching employees the proper way to place pickles on a Big Mac? The numbers at Best Buy are similar. Through extensive research, Cabel deciphers what each number means, including current “shrink” percentage, number of extended warranties that have been forced down customers’ throats, and much more. Definitely interesting reading for chain-store hackers, with an unhealthy interest in how those poor blue-shirted bastards are living.