“Hacking” the New Breed of Soda Vending Machines

Soda MachineMost modern soda machines, like the Coca-Cola machine shown at left, with the curvy faceplate, have tiny computers inside them controlling their every function. And as we know, any appliance with a computer in it can be manipulated. Just look for soda machines that have a tiny red LCD on them, displaying messages like, “Enjoy some soda please.” This is your tipoff that they are programmable, usually through a series of presses on the selection buttons. Skatter Tech has a great tutorial on accessing the machine’s menu, checking inventory, money collected, and internal case temperature. And, if the owner/operator of the machine is a little naive, even more:

“But if they happen to be enabled here they are: CPO- Coin payment mode, which will dump coins out of the machine. You will be able to specify the type (dime, nickel, ect.) and the amount. tvFL- tube fill mode, which lets you fill the machine w/ coins. (retarded huh) PASS- allows you to change the default password from 4231 to something else. PrlC- change the price of a drink! (1 cent!) StOS change what each button links to (so if some1 presses coke you can make it go 2 sprite.) COn- are machine configuration settings too much to tell just experiment. TIME- Set TIME. LANG- change language.”

Check it out, and learn to unlock the fury of the local vending machine.