“Hacking” Hotel Room Pay-Per-View

Pay Per ViewThe Damn Blog has an interesting little article up regarding circumventing the protection systems on hotel pay-per-view. Now, while we would never condone such an activity, this article still caught our interest. It definitely smacks of those old Cult of the Dead Cow text files we were all swapping around on BBSs back in the early ’90s. You know, information that seemed like it COULD be out of date and irrelevant, but on the other hand, might also just work and was fascinating to read about nonetheless. And hey, at least with this one, all you’ll end up with if it goes bad is an angry warning from hotel security…unlike when I blew off my pinky finger trying to make nitroglycerin from a cDc recipe.

So you’re sitting in a hotel room, bored, and the few channels that they give you have nothing good on - Gilligan’s Island re-runs, Golden Girls, and maybe a Pirates game. Nothing good, so you want to watch pay per view - a good movie, or a “good” movie - but you don’t want to put up the 10 bucks to get it. Well, here’s how you can still watch it in most hotel rooms:Step 1: Get a Universal Remote. These are everywhere, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Buy one for 10 bucks if you have to.

Step 2: Program the remote to “000.” This should work in most cases. If it doesn’t, mess around with it until you get the right code.

Step 3: Press “Menu” to go to the TV’s administration.

Step 4:
Use the Channel and/or Volume keys to navigate to the “Channel List” option.

Step 5: Use the Left/Right buttons to change to Channel List B. We want to use Channel List B because Channel List A is where we’ll restore the defaults so no one notices later.

Step 6: Go down to “Channel Memory” and here you can use the up and down arrows to tune any and all channels. When the PPV channels come up, tune them.

Step 7: Enjoy free pay-per-view!!!

In addition to getting free pay per view, you can do a lot of things with this “hack.” For example, changing the name of the channels is possible. Instead of “FOX News” it could be “Breast Milk BreakDance.” That would be good.

If anyone gives this a try at their local hotel, be sure to drop a comment and let us know how it worked!