Join the GiY Folding@Home Team!

Folding@HomeRemember the SETI@HOME distributed computing project we were all running circa 2000? You know, the one that was supposedly using your PC’s spare clock cycles to search for intelligent life? This is the same thing, only real and with a purpose. Stanford’s Folding@Home project uses the computer processing time you’re not using to analyze “protein folding.” The thinking is, that when proteins don’t fold themselves correctly, the result is disease.

What kind of disease does Stanford hope to cure? Oh, just Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, and Parkinson’s Disease. No big whoop, really. Of course, you could always continue letting your computer look for little green men…but maybe we should think about getting things sorted down here first, hmm? We encourage our readers to download the Folding@Home tool, and while you’re at it, join the Geek It Yourself team. Just enter team number 51236 when you’re setting up your account.