Build Your Own Medicine Cabinet Science Fiction Guns

Science Fiction PropsOver in the MAKE forums John writes, “Here’s a how-to I wrote on making spaceships and sci-fi weapons from household items such as aspirin bottles, pvc pipe, toilet bolt covers, some hobby store styrene, and some parts from old models.”

Check out Make Spaceships from Aspirin Bottles and Toilet Items Part 1 and Make Spaceships from Aspirin Bottles and Toilet Items Part 2.

Build Your Own Paper Advance Wars Models

Advance WarsA few days ago, we mentioned the papercraft Mario models that you could print out, fold up, and paste together. And NOW we learn that Ninjatoes Papercraft Webpage has Advance Wars tanks available for immediate production. How many Advance Wars tanks? 25 Advance Wars tanks. Man, and I thought the office was getting cluttered as it was. And, oh yeah…there’s Star Trek and Tomb Raider papercraft as well, so you can completely getcher geek on.

Build Your Own Pressure Sensitive LED Drink Coasters

LED CoasterThe good folks over at MetkuMods are at it again, this time with yet another killer use for the cheap, plentiful, and bright LCDs that are available everywhere nowadays. Using only some scrap acrylic, a few LEDs, and a lithium battery, “Jani ‘Japala’ Pönkkö” has developed an easy-to-build coaster that lights up when in the presence of a drink (just like me), and turns off when the drink is removed. Check out the schematic, photos, and build log.

Build Your Own Miniature FM Transmitter

FM TransmitterMaybe you want to get music out of your iPod and into your car stereo. Oh, sure, you could buy any one of the 2,000 options made available by Belkin, and then you’d not only have an FM transmitter, but ALSO a bunch of nice, white plastic. Why not take matters into your own hands, and build one yourself?

The Streaming Suitcase has provided a simple plan for making one yourself, using a circuit designed by Tetsuo Kogawa which requires minimal parts, and which only requires some basic soldering. Soon, you’ll be transmitting audio from any electronic sound device (such as a minidisc, cd player, computer, or microphone) to FM radio receivers. Now get over there, and get on the road to planting bugs all over your own house.

Build Your Own Paper Nintendo Mario Models

Paper MarioEver have the urge to build REAL Mario Paper figurines? has full printouts of models you can cut out, fold, and paste together, for fairly complicated polygonal re-creations of your favorite Nintendo heroes. Our favorite has to be Luigi in a Speedo…although Mario in a Bunny Suit is a close second. Anyone wanna print one of these out on a large-format printer and make a life-size version?

Build Your Own Fire Breathing Tiki Fireplace

Tiki FireplaceSure, Monster House may have completed a similar project a few years back, but that monstrosity was all carved, blown-in foam. “BiffInc” takes this project to its next logical step, with a cement exterior for added strength and authenticity. Oh, and did I mention the light-up eyes and smoke-breathing nostrils? Check out the full photo set of the build log, and see what happens when you take your love of tiki culture to its maximum possible end.

The Whiskey Bottle Case Mod

Whiskey BottleThe good folks at MetkuMods are at it again, this time with a full build log and tons of photos of an entire, working PC crammed into an old Ballentine’s whiskey bottle. Granted, it may run a little warm…but this project is true case modding royalty. And besides, who doesn’t run a little warm when they’re tucked into a bottle of scotch?

Build Your Own Portable Media Center Extender

ExtenderHack 247, the DIY electronics blog from across the pond, fires a massive shot across the bow with their inaugural post. Here, Hack 247 details plans for building a portable media center extender, using only an XBOX, a wireless video sender/reciever and the guts of an old Sony PSOne LCD Screen. Total cost? About $50 bucks. Now, the author can browse his RSS feeds from the veranda over a bowl of Cheerios. Or Weetabix, or whatever the hell it is you guys have over there. This is a great tutorial…expect lots of good things from these guys.

Build Your Own Top-Secret Book Safe

Secret BookBeen looking for an ultra top-secret place to hide your jewels and baubles? The “How to Do Stuff” blog has your solution, as a reprint of the original article by “Aud1073cH.” The basic rundown? Cut holes in pages, glue together, and boom: instant safe, with all the security of a giant in-wall model, but none of the pomp and circumstance. Enjoy.

Project WMD: The Weapon of Mass Destruction

Bomb ModSomewhere along the line, case modding went away and total, custom, complete case fabrication became the new gold standard. I mean, really…you can only fit so many windows onto a mid-tower, and still get that “oooooh” reaction that is music to modders’ ears. In this tradition, has unveiled Project WMD: The Weapon of Mass Destruction. This incredible creation, designed to look like the kind of bomb you might see in a Hollywood movie, continues to be a real labor of love. Don’t you think you owe it to the project’s creator to go and check out the build log, with painstakingly detailed photographs?