VoIP Asterisk PBX know-how

Do you need to make use of the phone a lot – especially for overseas or long distance calls? Well surely you have been racking up quite a phone bill for quite some time now right? But what if you find out that there is actually an incredibly cheaper way for you to be able to call your business contacts and ensure that your business is operating smoothly– even if you are far, far away and without having to employ more staff? If you are open to trying this out then be prepared to make use of the VoIP Asterisk PBX. Just a little backgrounder on this program especially if you are not that tech nor net-savvy, Asterisk is actually a kind of software implementation that is meant to be used for a private branch exchange or PBX. And what is PBX? This allows all the telephones that are attached to this system to be able to call one another as well as to be able to connect even to other telephone services. Some examples of these are the VoIP or the Voice Over Internet Protocol and the PSTN or the public switched telephone network.

Don’t worry about the cost for this software as a version of this actually comes free and has been improved through the years thanks to its loyal users. When it was first used a few years ago, it was initially meant to be used for the Linux operating system but fortunately the software developer was able to tweak it in such a way that it is now also compatible with other operating systems like Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Open BSD.

Key uses and advantages for the VoIP Asterisk PBX are similar to those that can be found in other Asterisk software like voice mail, interactive voice response, conference calling, as well as automatic call distribution. It can also be easily customized for your user preference through the dial plan scripts and by simply adding some custom loadable modules.