Top 3 Gadgets That Pay for Themselves

3 Gadgets That Can Save You MoneyWith the economy the way it is, we’re all looking to stretch our dollars as much as we can. Justin over at wrote about three gadgets that can actually pay for themselves, and can even start to save you money in the long run.

The first is the Spin-X dryer which uses centrifugal force to dry clothes quickly and efficiently. In three minutes at 3,300 rpm, Spin X removes 60% of the water. Clothes come out barely damp, greatly reducing or even eliminating expensive dryer run time.

The second is the Vornado Whole Room Heater. Save money and energy by using this heater in your home. Instead of heating every room in your home, set the household thermostat very low and use a Vornado whole room heater to warm the room(s) you’re using. In fact, for every degree you lower your thermostat; you could save up to 4 percent on your energy costs.

The third efficient gadget is the Rayovac 15 Minute Battery Charger. These charge the Rayovac NiMH batteries in 15 minutes. The batteries are quite reliable and hold up well after many recharges. They are one of the most convenient ways to keep a supply of batteries available.

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