AntWorks: Ant Farms Get Awesome

Ant FarmAs a kid, you fell into one of two camps. Either you bought an ant farm, sent away for your ants, and were fascinated as they toiled, dug tunnels, and built colonies…or you were fascinated as the ants tried to get their bearings after you shook the whole thing up and destroyed weeks of their labor. Either way, ant farms always ended the same. All the ants would die, and all that would remain would be a very narrow glass box filled with sand and body fragments.

AntWorks has stepped things up and made the ant farm relevant again for a new generation of kids. With their “Space-Age Habitat for Antkind,” the sand has been replaced with a gel that is UV reactive, so you can get an even better view of the ants’ tunneling. And what’s better? You won’t be tempted to shake it up. $30 bucks is all it takes to bring the ants out of the yard and into your house.