Aaron Dunlap Transforms Self Into Company: Introducing Electroids

ElectroidsWe actually bought one of Aaron Dunlap’s excellent Altoids® Tin iPod rechargers a few months ago, with the intent of doing a proper review. Then, we moved and the kit got lost in the shuffle. No worries…we will be ordering a new one soon. In the meantime, here’s what we remember: Although shipping was a little slow (Aaron was just one man back then, after all), the kit itself was lovely. All parts were included, and the detailed plans made the construction of the charger seem dead-simple.

The grace of these kits caused Aaron to be written up in the likes of Make and Popular Science, and with good reason. Aaron singlehandedly took the same project that was making the rounds on the internet, ordered the parts in bulk, and packaged them in a beautiful, user-friendly little kit…all for less than $10 bucks each. There is no doubt that his hobby was suddenly making him a decent chunk of change.

Enter phase two, and boy, are we excited about the possibilities. Aaron has recently launched his new company and accompanying website, dubbed “Electroids.” The site makes brilliant use of tweaks on the Altoids theme, and is overall a lot of fun to just LOOK at. But don’t stop there. Aaron has even more tricks up his sleeve. From the website:

“Electroids Kits are fun, easy, and educational project kits that bring back the joy of hobby electronics. Each kit includes all the parts you need plus easy-to-understand, clearly written instructions.”

You guessed it. Will a new brand and a little capital mean that more project kits are on their way? We hope so. So far, Aaron has not expanded his offerings beyond the two original kits he had for sale under his own personal website…but we are excited for what the future holds, and we will definitely be keeping our eyes on Electroids.