Mobile Broadband News and Info

Ever find yourself wanting to know the latest broadband news and updates? The latest information is updated all the time by experienced writers who specialize in mobile broadband news. You can read all sorts of info pertaining to what new devices are being created, pricing details, and what places are wise to invest in or [...]

How To Make Instant “Hot Ice”

With some sodium acetate which you can buy on the internet, you can make instant hot ice.  Here’s a video that shows you how.  The cool part about this is that you can make funky sculptures with it, not just ice cubes.
This is obviously not something you want to drop in your drink, but the [...]

Giant-Scale Versions of Your Favorite Snacks

Kit Kat bars are amazing. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Delicious. But what if they were…bigger? Pimp My Snack takes your favorite snack foods, and radically up-samples them through reader experimentation and participation. The site seems to be based in England, so a lot of the snacks may not be familiar to a US-based audience (what [...]