Tweaks and Techniques

“Hacking” Hotel Room Pay-Per-View

The Damn Blog has an interesting little article up regarding circumventing the protection systems on hotel pay-per-view. Now, while we would never condone such an activity, this article still caught our interest. It definitely smacks of those old Cult of the Dead Cow text files we were all swapping around on BBSs back in the [...]

“Hacking” Your Local Best Buy Store Codes

Ever notice the big weird yellow numbers on the wall when you walk into a Best Buy, one of the most nightmarish of electronics retailers? Cabel did, and he didn’t rest until he deciphered them. It turns out these coded numbers are for store employees, and what’s better than the secret communication that goes on [...]

25 Skills Every Man Should Know

Popular MechanicsĀ has narrowed the list of man-knowledge down to 25 entries in this indispensable guide. And guess what? There’s no mention whatsoever of which men’s fragrances will match your chi, which color ties will ensure success in the boardroom, or what your girlfriend’s body language says about her sexual proclivities. Nope…this is real knowledge every [...]

“Hacking” the New Breed of Soda Vending Machines

Most modern soda machines, like the Coca-Cola machine shown at left, with the curvy faceplate, have tiny computers inside them controlling their every function. And as we know, any appliance with a computer in it can be manipulated. Just look for soda machines that have a tiny red LCD on them, displaying messages like, “Enjoy [...]