Papercraft and Folding

Build Your Own Pirates of the Caribbean Clock Tower

To mark the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, Haunted Dimensions¬† a FREE papercraft model of the clock tower that stands outside the ride at Walt Disney World. You know the drill…print it out, fold it up!
Be sure to take a poke around the rest of the site, as well. There some interesting [...]

Build Your Own Paper Advance Wars Models

A few days ago, we mentioned the papercraft Mario models that you could print out, fold up, and paste together. And NOW we learn that Ninjatoes Papercraft Webpage has Advance Wars tanks available for immediate production. How many Advance Wars tanks? 25 Advance Wars tanks. Man, and I thought the office was getting cluttered as [...]

Build Your Own Paper Nintendo Mario Models

Ever have the urge to build REAL Mario Paper figurines? has full printouts of models you can cut out, fold, and paste together, for fairly complicated polygonal re-creations of your favorite Nintendo heroes. Our favorite has to be Luigi in a Speedo…although Mario in a Bunny Suit is a close second. Anyone wanna print [...]