Case Mod Gallery

Build Your Own XBOX 360 Laptop

GiY favorite Ben Heck is at it again. After blowing our collective minds with his portable PS2 and NES Micro, Ben has returned with his latest epic project: An Xbox 360 Laptop. Why would you need a keyboard on your completely customized Xbox 360? Um, because it’s a laptop. C’mon, it’s right there in the [...]

The Whiskey Bottle Case Mod

The good folks at MetkuMods are at it again, this time with a full build log and tons of photos of an entire, working PC crammed into an old Ballentine’s whiskey bottle. Granted, it may run a little warm…but this project is true case modding royalty. And besides, who doesn’t run a little warm when [...]

Project WMD: The Weapon of Mass Destruction

Somewhere along the line, case modding went away and total, custom, complete case fabrication became the new gold standard. I mean, really…you can only fit so many windows onto a mid-tower, and still get that “oooooh” reaction that is music to modders’ ears. In this tradition, has unveiled Project WMD: The Weapon of Mass [...]

Gutted and Sandwiched Television with Halo Glow

Perhaps inspired by the Philips Ambilight Plasma TVs (you know, the ones that have an ambient glow that are constantly catching fire), MetkuMods has a similar project build using an LCD montitor. Here, the LCD is stripped from its normal case, sandwiched between two pieces of plexi and bolted back together. A few LEDs provide [...]

Unbelievable Wolfenstein 3D Case Mod

This outrageous Wolfenstein 3-D case mod began its life as a humble Compaq standard mid-tower, before being transformed into the beast shown at left. The case features analog gauges measuring overall power consumption and fan power, brilliant forced metallic rusting, an LED-lit cut logo in the bottom of the bezel, and a working WWII era [...]