Build Your Own...

Build Your Own Television Pixelator

Looking for a way to recreate the joy of trying to watch scrambled Spice Channel when you were 12 years old, only with more overt nightclub overtones? When we first saw the GrooveTube back in December, it was love at first sight. This translucent box suction cups to the front of your television screen, and [...]

Build Your Own Coffee Can Cell Phone Booster

Just hang in there, and get past the lame 43 second introduction of this cast of wacky science characters (why does Popular Science, a fairly respectable brand, feel the need to do stuff like this?), and you’ll see a great video on how to build your own low-cost, easy cell phone reception booster using just two [...]

Build Your Own Portable Skype Phone Handset

Do you have an old cordless phone (preferably one with an intercom) kicking around that you’re no longer using? Instructables makes it easy to transform that old-school phone into a slick portable Skype handset. In this build log, Sam details how to crack the phone apart, find the sound output on the board, solder on headphones, [...]

Build Your Own Magnetic Spice Rack

Okay, so this one skews a bit, um, domestic for our usual taste. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve got a cluttered drawer or cabinet full of crusted over, dusty spice bottles. Trying to find a pinch of chili powder while you’re making a caffeinated rib-eye can mess up your whole process. Luckily, Amber at My [...]

Build Your Own NES Hard Drive Enclosure

First thing’s first: We definitely don’t condone the destruction of working vintage technology. So for god’s sake, if you have old 8-bit NES games you don’t want, sell ‘em on eBay like everybody else. If on the other hand, you’ve already been collecting vintage games, and have 200 copies of that dual Mario Bros/Duck Hunt [...]

Build Your Own Tic-Tac Box LED Torch Lamp

Over at Grynx, Chris J. has posted instructions and a dead-simple schematic for building your own LED mini torch flashlight from an empty Tic-Tac box. Turns out all you need are a few batteries, an LED light, and a 27Ω resistor, meaning that those with ANY soldering experience can toss together a simple, elegant LED [...]

Build Your Own Electric Toothbrush Lock Pick

You’ve seen it a million times in the movies. A professional crook, armed with a squeeze-type lockpick, disables a bank vault with just a few squeezes. Or maybe you’ve even seen the electric versions of these automatic lockpicks, with no squeezing required. Now, thanks to Inventgeek, it’s possible to build your own using a simple [...]

Build Your Own Camera Image Stabilizer for One Dollar

This is one of those ideas that is so simple, it’s brilliant, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but YES…you can make a killer image stabilizer for your camera (digital or SLR) using just a washer and a bit of string. It’s portable, [...]

Build Your Own Coke Blak Lamp

My word, I have been excited about Coke Blak, the “fusion beverage” that is “Coke Effervescence Mixed with Coffee Essence,” since I first read about it. I anxiously awaited its April 5th, 2006 appearance in stores, but when that date came and went, couldn’t find it anywhere. Around the end of April, I began seeing signs [...]

Build Your Own Free Cardboard Furniture

Looking for practically free dorm furniture, or disposable furniture that you can be pretty sure your kids won’t destroy? FoldSchool has three free furniture designs, including a stool, a chair, and a rocker, with step-by-step instructions and downloadable PDF plans. Made of readily-available 4mm thick cardboard, this furniture looks to be as durable as it is design-conscious. [...]