Build Your Own...

Build Your Own Top-Secret Book Safe

Been looking for an ultra top-secret place to hide your jewels and baubles? The “How to Do Stuff” blog has your solution, as a reprint of the original article by “Aud1073cH.” The basic rundown? Cut holes in pages, glue together, and boom: instant safe, with all the security of a giant in-wall model, but none [...]

Build Your Own Digi-Comp Logic Machine

In the late 1960s, Childcraft released the Digi-Comp, a build-it-yourself logic machine that taught basic logic, including Boolean algebra. Children breathlessly put their Digi-Comps together, and then went on to become advanced circuit designers as adults. The toy still has a major following, but original Digi-Comps are somewhat rare…fetching around $150 on eBay. Well, Minds-on-Toys [...]

Build Your Own iPod Shuffle Lego Dock

“elbarto241″ has an important lesson for us all: Sometimes the best solution is right in front of your face (or in your kids’ toy box). He has put together a nice little dock for the iPod Shuffle (people still own iPod Shuffles?) which has the nice “iPod altar” aesthetic of some of those big Bose [...]

Build Your Own 35mm Paper Camera

Linatree has posted a PDF and instructional video allowing you to construct a working 35mm pinhole camera using only paper. Okay, so it’s not the sturdiest of camera solutions, but it is free, and is a big improvement over those shoebox pinhole cameras you made when you were a kid. Print the PDF, fold it [...]

Build Your Own Altoid Tin Battery Pack

Okay, so this one’s been around for a while, but what the hell, it’s Saturday. And besides, our interview with Rachel yesterday had me thinking about it all over again. Chris has managed to revise his original design, and create an external iPod battery pack out of a miniature Altoid tin. He’s posted a complete [...]

Build Your Own Wedding Ring for Five Cents

So you’ve already dropped a few grand on the engagement ring, and aren’t too psyched on the idea of spending even MORE money on a wedding band? Instructables has a nice little tutorial for boring out the middle of a nickle, which forms a perfectly functional wedding ring. At least, until you get the scratch [...]

17 Things to Do with an Old NES Console

Chances are, somewhere lurking in your house, there is a dusty old 8-bit NES console, which you haven’t even thought about since you started playing emulated versions of all the old games right on your trusty PC. I have bought and sold entire collections on eBay several times, only to end getting all nostaligic and [...]

Build Your Own Portable 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System

Sure, the Nintendo DS is great. But let’s face it, few things beat the satisfaction of sliding one of those big old cartridges into place. Using the “NES on a Chip,” (which can be found inside many grey-market Famicim clones) Ben Heck has put together a truly amazing portable NES. The finished product is only [...]

Build Your Own Super Energy-Efficient Outdoor Refrigerator

For those of you living in the Northeast, or, for that matter, anywhere it gets blindingly cold, you may have wondered why you are spending perfectly good money running your refrigerator when it is so chilly outside. Surely, there has to be a way to harness the power of Papa Winter in order to keep [...]

Build Your Own Leaf Blower Hoverboard

Oh, man, I have been dreaming of a hoverboard ever since I saw A.P.K. zipping around on one in Back to the Future II. But as far as I can tell, not only do hoverboards not work on water, unless you have power, but they don’t exist, period. Until now. Viewers in the UK are [...]