Build Your Own...

Build Your Own Remote Control Alarm Clock

Okay…so this one’s not for the faint of heart, as it requires a fairly heavy amount of circuitry hacking. But once you image the practical applications of a remote control alarm clock, we’re sure you’ll want to give it a try. The premise is simple: configure an ordinary alarm clock to work with a dime-store [...]

Build Your Own Giant Dry Erase Board

Suppose, for a second, that you are getting ready to outfit the offices of your brand new startup company. You need a place to jot down ideas, right? You could, of course, drop over a hundred bucks on a 3′ by 4′ dry erase board over at Staples. That is, if you wanted to buy [...]

Build Your Own Video Game Console

Xbox 360? Playstation 3? Nintendo Wii? Spare me the hype, please. You can have your triple-core processors, motion sensing controllers, and Blu-Ray…but I can kick your ass at Joust.
Meet the XGameStation. For the low price of $199, anyone can get started with the basics of videogame design, programming, and publishing. From the official website:
“The XGameStation [...]

Build Your Own NES Alarm Clock

Now, we know you would never destory working vintage hardware. But if you happen to have an old, broken NES laying around, “Aaron” can show you how to mod it into a working alarm clock. In his version, the power button controls the status of the alarm, on or off. And the Nintendo controller has [...]

Build Your Own Pneumatic Toilet Paper Cannon

Throwing toilet paper up into the trees of your 7th grade history teacher (even if you happen to be 35) is so old-school., however, has plans to build a pneumatic version, that can launch rolls of toilet paper up to 150 feet, with the paper unfurling the whole way.
Unfortunately, the plans aren’t free…but isn’t $15 [...]

Build Your Own Medicine Cabinet Science Fiction Guns

Over in the MAKE forums John writes, “Here’s a how-to I wrote on making spaceships and sci-fi weapons from household items such as aspirin bottles, pvc pipe, toilet bolt covers, some hobby store styrene, and some parts from old models.”
Check out Make Spaceships from Aspirin Bottles and Toilet Items Part 1 and Make Spaceships from [...]

Build Your Own Pressure Sensitive LED Drink Coasters

The good folks over at MetkuMods are at it again, this time with yet another killer use for the cheap, plentiful, and bright LCDs that are available everywhere nowadays. Using only some scrap acrylic, a few LEDs, and a lithium battery, “Jani ‘Japala’ Pönkkö” has developed an easy-to-build coaster that lights up when in the [...]

Build Your Own Miniature FM Transmitter

Maybe you want to get music out of your iPod and into your car stereo. Oh, sure, you could buy any one of the 2,000 options made available by Belkin, and then you’d not only have an FM transmitter, but ALSO a bunch of nice, white plastic. Why not take matters into your own hands, [...]

Build Your Own Fire Breathing Tiki Fireplace

Sure, Monster House may have completed a similar project a few years back, but that monstrosity was all carved, blown-in foam. “BiffInc” takes this project to its next logical step, with a cement exterior for added strength and authenticity. Oh, and did I mention the light-up eyes and smoke-breathing nostrils? Check out the full photo [...]

Build Your Own Portable Media Center Extender

Hack 247, the DIY electronics blog from across the pond, fires a massive shot across the bow with their inaugural post. Here, Hack 247 details plans for building a portable media center extender, using only an XBOX, a wireless video sender/reciever and the guts of an old Sony PSOne LCD Screen. Total cost? About $50 [...]