Build Your Own...

Build Your Own Overclocked Toothbrush

Ah, how we here at GiY miss “The Screen Savers,” and for that matter, all of TechTV. Sure, we were excited at first, when we learned they were being swallowed up by G4, thinking that meant something more than endless reruns of “X-Play,” but it was not to be. Not that we’re complaining about wall-to-wall [...]

Build Your Own XBOX 360 Laptop

GiY favorite Ben Heck is at it again. After blowing our collective minds with his portable PS2 and NES Micro, Ben has returned with his latest epic project: An Xbox 360 Laptop. Why would you need a keyboard on your completely customized Xbox 360? Um, because it’s a laptop. C’mon, it’s right there in the [...]

Build Your Own Flat Panel Solar Cell

Everyone is looking for a way to introduce some of the green ethic into their lives, correct? But dangit, if those giant solar panels aren’t EXPENSIVE. No more. NetScienceNews has figured out how YOU can make small, inexpensive solar cells right in your own kitchen, using only some copper sheeting, a hot plate, and a [...]

Build Your Own Refillable Compressed Air Duster

Scott had a problem. He was sick and tired of spending perfectly good money on cans of compressed air to clean his computer equipment. Air is free, and once you have the can, it should be easy to refill, right? In this build log, with parts list and instructions, Scott details how he made his [...]

Build Your Own Game Boy Advance Robot

Got an old Game Boy Advance kicking around? Meet the Xport Robot Controller. This system turns the Game Boy Advance and standard LEGO components into an advanced robot development system. With standards in place for LEGO robot development, budding robot enthusiasts have an easy way to bring their creations to life. The XRC supports [...]

Build Your Own Networked Cufflinks

When you’re wearing a suit, it’s sometimes tough to make the entire room know that you are officially More Tech Than They Are. However, Mark of Geek Technique found a way with these cufflinks. Pressed for time, and saddled with a French-cuffed shirt, Mark did just what you would expect a GiYer would do…he whipped [...]

Build Your Own NES Controller Cell Phone

Ugh, we’ve all been seen with a godawful cell phone stuck to our ear in a public place. Well, Sam of DIYHappy wasn’t having it anymore. So he gutted an old NES controller, and crammed a Nokia 3200 (selected for its size and ease of disassembly) into it. The first prototype is alittle rough…for example, [...]

Build Your Own PC Remote Control

Who wouldn’t want a killer PC remote control, to use with a Media Center PC or otherwise? Granted, you could buy one of the pricey Creative Labs models, but [Odin84gk] went a slightly different way. He built his own version out of an old XBOX DVD playback kit and some freely available, clever scripting, with [...]

Build Your Own Flashlight iPod Boombox

Check out this monaural (but still plenty impressive) boombox built into the housing for a big Eveready flashlight. The speaker fits over the mouth, and it sits over a miniature amp scavenged from a set of desktop speakers and an iPod Nano with a wireless remote. Details are sketchy, as we only have links to [...]

Convert Your Nintendo Wii into a Free Tivo-Like DVR Box

The widespread availability of digital video recorder boxes through your local cable company means that paying for a service, such as Tivo, makes little to no sense. For as little as six bucks, most cable companies will now supply you with a DVR box, allowing you to record and “pause” live television. But what if [...]