Build Your Own Television Pixelator

Groovetube LiteLooking for a way to recreate the joy of trying to watch scrambled Spice Channel when you were 12 years old, only with more overt nightclub overtones? When we first saw the GrooveTube back in December, it was love at first sight. This translucent box suction cups to the front of your television screen, and diffuses light from the TV, resulting in a disco abstraction of colored blocks. But at $45, this neat trick seemed a TINY bit too pricey for something we would only use once in a while.

ReadyMade magazine came to the rescue yet again with their low cost budget version, that creates a similar effect. By cutting the bottom out of a carboard box the size of the television, covering the hole with heavy duty vellum, and then filling the box with white-centered toilet paper tubes, they have acheived a similarly striking effect for almost zero cost. Check out the project details here, at the bottom of the page.