Build Your Own Super Energy-Efficient Outdoor Refrigerator

outdoorfridge.jpgFor those of you living in the Northeast, or, for that matter, anywhere it gets blindingly cold, you may have wondered why you are spending perfectly good money running your refrigerator when it is so chilly outside. Surely, there has to be a way to harness the power of Papa Winter in order to keep your yogurt and milk cold. When I was in college, I used to simply keep my dairy (okay, beer) items on the outside windowsill during the winter months, but there is bound to be a more elegant solution.

And there is! The always-excellent The Daily Green posts detailed instructions for cutting your energy costs and keeping your food fresh, all at the same time.  The idea is simple enough; build a simple box out of wood, insulate it, mount it outside during the winter months, and (if you’re really fancy), install a thermostat which will kick a small fan on and off to suck the cold winter air in when the temperature inside the box rises. This project requires only basic carpentry and wiring skills, and will go a long way toward breaking you free from the shackles of your refrigerator.