Build Your Own Overclocked Toothbrush

Ah, how we here at GiY miss “The Screen Savers,” and for that matter, all of TechTV. Sure, we were excited at first, when we learned they were being swallowed up by G4, thinking that meant something more than endless reruns of “X-Play,” but it was not to be. Not that we’re complaining about wall-to-wall Morgan Webb, but y’know. The merger wiped out many of the channel’s better shows and hosts, that’s for certain.

Take a walk down memory lane with this old clip from “The Screen Savers,” where Kevin Rose shows us how to overclock a $5.99 toothbrush. Okay, in this case, “overclocking” means simply “adding lots of extra batteries,” which I would think would burn out the motor quickly. But it is a fun clip, and you will feel all warm and fuzzy reliving TechTVs homegrown, DiY days.

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