Build Your Own Magnetic Spice Rack

spicerack.jpgOkay, so this one skews a bit, um, domestic for our usual taste. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve got a cluttered drawer or cabinet full of crusted over, dusty spice bottles. Trying to find a pinch of chili powder while you’re¬†making a caffeinated¬†rib-eye can mess up your whole process. Luckily, Amber at My Aim is True came up with a great, simple solution, particularly if you have a stove with a metal back. She found tiny flat metal containers, hot glued magnets to the back, and presto: attractive, functional spice management, that’s easily within reach wile you’re doin’ your culinary thang. Nitpickers may note that storing spices near heat and light will soften their natural flavor…but I bet you’ll never notice.