Build Your Own Leaf Blower Hoverboard

HoverboardOh, man, I have been dreaming of a hoverboard ever since I saw A.P.K. zipping around on one in Back to the Future II. But as far as I can tell, not only do hoverboards not work on water, unless you have power, but they don’t exist, period. Until now. Viewers in the UK are lucky to have “The Gadget Show,” where the recent featured project was a working hoverboard, made out of a leaf blower engine, a sheet of plywood, and some heavy duty plastic sheeting. This thing really works, as seen on the photos on their site…and what’s more, there is a full, free project plan complete with materials list and assembly instuctions. In a weekend, you too can be zooming around on a cushion of air, for £150 (that’s close to $300 bucks for those of us on this side of the pond). Great scott…this is heavy.