Build Your Own Hard Copy of an Ebook

eBook BindingFor most of us, eBooks haven’t caught on quite the way they should. You certainly wouldn’t buya clumsy standalone reader, and if you have an hour of battery life to spare, you’re going to be playing World of Warcraft, not reading, for goodness’ sake. There is still one advantage to eBooks, however, and that is their price. They are much less expensive than their paperback counterparts, and thanks to cheap laser for the masses, printing them can be even less expensive. And now, the final step is in place, thanks to Acheive-IT’s fantastic guide to do-it-yourself bookbinding. Check out the easy to follow instructions and photos, and you will be binding your own books in minutes. And think of the applications beyond eBooks…print-on-demand versions of your collection of original DS9 fanfic, anyone?

Learn more about book binding or even publishing your own book online.