Build Your Own Electric Toothbrush Lock Pick

lockpick.jpgYou’ve seen it a million times in the movies. A professional crook, armed with a squeeze-type lockpick, disables a bank vault with just a few squeezes. Or maybe you’ve even seen the electric versions of these automatic lockpicks, with no squeezing required. Now, thanks to Inventgeek, it’s possible to build your own using a simple every day electric toothbrush.

This type seems best suited for padlocks, and requires a very simple parts list of an Oral-B electric toothbrush, a standard pick set, and a nine volt battery. Bear in mind that you are going to be pumping 9 volts of current through a 1.5 volt motor, so it is bound to burn out quickly…but if it opens just one lock, it’s worth it. The author is also careful to note that this project is strictly for educational purposes, and will not teach you how to pick a lock, even once you are armed with your new electric lock pick. For that, you’ll need the MIT Lockpicking Guide, which we are mirroring on this site. Enjoy.