Build Your Own Coke Blak Lamp

Coke BlakMy word, I have been excited about Coke Blak, the “fusion beverage” that is “Coke Effervescence Mixed with Coffee Essence,” since I first read about it. I anxiously awaited its April 5th, 2006¬†appearance in stores, but when that date came and went, couldn’t find it anywhere. Around the end of April, I began seeing signs in stores advertising it, which I thought surely meant I could find it on the shelf, but nope. Nothing.

I finally got my hands on my first Coke Blak at around the beginning of May 2006, and now, thankfully, it seems to be everywhere. Unfortunately, while not gross, it’s not exactly delicious either. It’s kind of like a sweeter, less repellant version of that Manhattan Special coffee soda that people from Brooklyn seem to really enjoy, but much more drinkable. And by god, after obsessing about it for so long, I am going to continue drinking it at every opportunity, whether I find it personally delicious or not.

The best thing about Coke Blak, though, is the bottle. Eight ounces of real glass, wrapped in a swirly plastic label. And it didn’t take long for “Macphile” to realize that the empty bottle would make a great lamp. Details on construction are sketchy, consisting only of a few Flickr photos, but I’m sure enterprising Geek it Yourselfers will be able to figure it out. Next step? I wanna see some chandeliers. Check it out, the effect really is quite striking. (via Make)