Build Your Own 42 Inch HD-TV

42 Inch HDTVWe know, we know…you’re probably expecting one of those super-sketchy posts about those eBay “plans” that promise to turn your $99 RCA TV into a 120″ projection television using only a cardboard box and some duct tape. But that’s not what this is about. This is about really, truly building your own 42 inch flat panel HDTV. Actually, it’s BETTER than off-the-shelf LCDs, since this homebrew solution actually displays at 3,150 x 1,680 pixels.

We’re featuring the link to this Instructable not because it is particularly well-written, or because it features a full build log and detailed instructions. Nope. We’re featuring this project because of the slap-yourself-on-the-head factor that we love so much here at GiY…where often, the best solution is right in front of your face. After you’ve seen it, the solution is just too obvious. Rotate three LCD monitors, put ‘em next to each other, and viola. Instant high def goodness, without the hefty price tag. Check out the Instructable for the details and the parts list. Nice work, “acfou.”