17 Things to Do with an Old NES Console

nesbox.jpgChances are, somewhere lurking in your house, there is a dusty old 8-bit NES console, which you haven’t even thought about since you started playing emulated versions of all the old games right on your trusty PC. I have bought and sold entire collections on eBay several times, only to end getting all nostaligic and buying them all over again. Of course, you could always restore your old machine, breathe new life into it, get a new pin connector, and relive being seven years old all over again…or you could join Dan at DiYLife in figuring out something else to do with it altogether.* Check out his list of 17 DiY projects to let your old NES enjoy a rebirth, from an alarm clock, to a lunch box, to a snappy new belt buckle.

*A GiY Public Service Announcement: Please don’t destroy working vintage gaming hardware. Let someone else enjoy it.