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Build Your Own Hard Copy of an Ebook

For most of us, eBooks haven’t caught on quite the way they should. You certainly wouldn’t buya clumsy standalone reader, and if you have an hour of battery life to spare, you’re going to be playing World of Warcraft, not reading, for goodness’ sake. There is still one advantage to eBooks, however, and that is [...]

Build Your Own 42 Inch HD-TV

We know, we know…you’re probably expecting one of those super-sketchy posts about those eBay “plans” that promise to turn your $99 RCA TV into a 120″ projection television using only a cardboard box and some duct tape. But that’s not what this is about. This is about really, truly building your own 42 inch flat [...]

Aaron Dunlap Transforms Self Into Company: Introducing Electroids

We actually bought one of Aaron Dunlap’s excellent Altoids® Tin iPod rechargers a few months ago, with the intent of doing a proper review. Then, we moved and the kit got lost in the shuffle. No worries…we will be ordering a new one soon. In the meantime, here’s what we remember: Although shipping was a [...]

The Device Patented Process Indicating Appartus

If you are a fan of the idea behind the Ambient Orb, but prefer a steampunk aesthetic to that weird iMac touchy-feely new age vibe, have we got the device for you. Dubbed “The Device Patented Process Indicating Apparatus,” this Victorian-designed cherry-and-brass machine features two big analog gauges and a mysterious glowing vial, that can [...]

Build Your Own Beanbag Sofa

Dan had a problem…he wanted a beanbag, but he wanted it BIG. Like, sofa-big. Check out his latest Instructable detailing the construction of this beast, including plans, photos, and…you guessed it…tons and tons of styrofoam “beans.” But why stop there? Why not built a whole beanbag ROOM? Or a beanbag HOUSE, where you just roll [...]

Build Your Own Robotic Scribbler Machine

Finkbuilt (one of our new favorite websites) has posted his plans for an easy-to-build robotic “drawbot,” using only a paper cup, a small motor, a weight, and some markers. In a nutshell, the small, oddly shaped weight is attached to the motor, and the whole thing is taped to an inverted cup. When turned on, [...]

Build Your Own Paper Plate Hovercraft

Okay GiYers, this one is dead simple. This project illustrates a way to make a dead-simple toy hovercraft using only a paper plate, an old PC case fan, and a few batteries. Cut plate, insert fan, and presto…a simple toy hovercraft that your kids (or you) are going to dig. It is amazing that the [...]

Build Your Own Profitable Hotel Wireless Internet Service Provider

Hotels that charge a surcharge for wireless internet access are the worst, though this does seem to be currently the norm. You pay at least $100 a night for a room, and you’ve gotta slap another $20 bucks a day on top of that just for the privilege of checking your Gmail? Not to mention, [...]

Build Your Own PC-Controlled R.O.B. Robot

Nintendo’s R.O.B., or Robotic Operating Buddy, was a delight to look at back in 1985. Somewhere between “Johnny 5″ of Short Circuit fame and our wildest dreams, R.O.B. sparked our imaginations. Unfortunately, all he was really good at was playing Gyromite, and even that is fairly debatable.
Until now. Check out this guide to making your [...]

Build Your Own Overclocked Toothbrush

Ah, how we here at GiY miss “The Screen Savers,” and for that matter, all of TechTV. Sure, we were excited at first, when we learned they were being swallowed up by G4, thinking that meant something more than endless reruns of “X-Play,” but it was not to be. Not that we’re complaining about wall-to-wall [...]